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209 Miles, 2791 Feet, ONE CHARGE

Driven to Extremes ‘Fen to Fell’

Max Adventure team takes the Kia EV6 from

Britain’s lowest road to Britain’s highest road on a single charge

  • Unique drive from Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire to Great Dun Fell in Cumbria
  • First time the 209 mile, 2791 ft climb has been recorded as completed by any vehicle
  • Kia EV6 ‘GT Line S’ AWD completes the challenge, averaging 4.2 mi/kWh
  • An impressive 107 miles of range still available at the summit from the single charge
  • Max Adventure celebrate by also driving from Britain’s lowest pub to its highest

In a unique challenge, expedition specialist Max Adventure has taken a fully electric Kia EV6 from Britain’s lowest road to Britain’s highest road on a single charge.

Easily handling the climb from Britain’s lowest road to its highest, the Kia EV6 ‘GT Line S’ AWD completed the 209-mile drive, with an ascent of 2791 ft., and finished with a range of 107 miles remaining. If that wasn’t enough, the Max Adventure team then decided to continue to Britain’s highest public house, the Tan Hill Inn. It proved a fitting end to the challenge as the car had left Britain’s lowest pub at the start of the day with a full charge.

Speaking of the challenge, Project Leader Mac Mackenney said: “We are amazed just how well the Kia EV6 has fared in this test. We were nervous about the final push up Great Dun Fell, as you rise 2,100 ft. in just 5 miles, but the car sailed up. The decision to then continue to the Tan Hill Inn was made with some trepidation but we needn’t have worried as descending the five miles down put a staggering 10 miles back in the battery, such is the efficiency of the car’s energy recuperation system.”


The Kia EV6 combines performance with the ability to undertake long-distance travel in comfort. Although the team didn’t need it, the car includes ultra-fast 800V charging tech as well as impressive real-world driving range so it’s ideal for effortless cross-country touring. Its all-electric, dual-motor powertrain delivers up to 321 bhp and 605 Nm torque making it more than up to the task of scaling Britain’s highest road.

With the support of Kia UK, the Driven To Extremes Fen to Fell challenge was the first time the journey has been as undertaken by any car, let alone an EV. The team planned the route to cover the distance as effectively as possible, but realised that it would still be at the mercy of the weather and traffic along the way. The big unknown was how the car would handle the rapid ascent of the last five miles to the top of Great Dun Fell.

Beginning the day with breakfast and a fully charged EV at Britain’s lowest pub, the Admiral Wells in Peterborough, the team sealed the charging port once the KIA EV6 was ready to leave. They then made the short trip to Holme Fen which, at nine feet below sea level, is the lowest point in Britain and the true start of the challenge.

Leaving Cambridgeshire at roughly 11am, and with a focus on efficiency, the team ensured that it adhered to all speed limits along its route, and completed the journey in six hours with stops for driver changes and refreshments as required.

With special permission to reach the radar station at the very top of Great Dun Fell, the team were able to park at the base of the radome building – the focal point of the site operated by NATS Holdings (formerly National Air Traffic Services). The summit is typically in cloud for two thirds of the year, and that July day was no exception – but the team were still able to mark the moment with a bottle of alcohol-free sparkling wine.

To celebrate the success of the Fen to Fell drive, the team then decided that a drink in Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn, was essential. Far from straight forward, the 31-mile trip involved the car descending 2,300 ft. before climbing to 1,732 ft. and the historic hostelry.

Finally, at the end of its challenge, and having covered 239 miles that day, the Kia EV6 still had a remarkable 86 miles remaining as indicated range. This meant that once ready to leave there was charge left to descend the Yorkshire Dales to the nearest charging point, before the team began its journey home.

The Max Adventure team is already plotting their next EV adventure, and will announce more details soon.

About Max Adventure

The Max Adventure team are no strangers to motoring challenges. Having held the 96 & 131 Counties, Cape to Cape and London to Cape Town records, it’s driven to far-eastern Siberia in builder’s vans; over the Himalayas with classic cars; swam amphibious vehicles in the Bering Strait with Sir Ranulph Fiennes; crossed the Sahara with injured military veterans and driven the coldest, hottest and toughest roads on the planet with Hollywood actors Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Adrien Brody for an award-winning ‘Driven to Extremes’ TV series on Discovery Channel.

Max Adventure has a strong track record of working with vehicle manufacturers as well as OEMs, oil and tyre companies, equipment and lifestyle brands, and the team is led by its founder Mac Mackenney FRGS.