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Kia EV9’s Driving Performance Offers No Compromises in Formidable Ice Conditions


Arjeplog, Sweden – The Kia EV9, the latest e-SUV from Kia Motors, has successfully undergone rigorous winter testing in extreme ice conditions in Arjeplog, Sweden. This comprehensive testing proves that the EV9 is equipped to perform optimally even in bitterly sub-zero temperatures near the polar circle. With advanced technologies like EV Route Planner and battery conditioning, as well as a superior Traction Control System, the Kia EV9 ensures exceptional driving performance in snow and ice.

Gunther Frank, General Manager Development Project Operations at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC), affirms, “It’s a myth that EVs aren’t good to drive in the snow. With the Kia EV9, we’ve proved that we have the technology to overcome charging speed challenges in cold-weather conditions, as well as the ride and handling improvements to make an EV safe and even fun to drive in the snow.”

Battery Conditioning and EV Route Planner for Optimal Charging Performance

The Kia EV9 boasts an impressive all-electric target driving range of over 541 km, according to the World harmonized Light vehicle Testing Procedure (WLTP). Its 800-volt ultra-fast charging system enables a range gain of up to 239 km in just 15 minutes of charging. However, extreme heat or cold temperatures can impact charging speed and driving range for any electric vehicle.

To address this, the EV9 incorporates battery conditioning, a feature introduced with the Kia EV6, which pre-heats the battery before charging. This ensures optimal battery temperature and enables ultra-fast charging even in cold conditions.

Moreover, the EV Route Planner, a new feature exclusive to the EV9, adds convenience by automatically programming charging points into the route as needed. By analyzing real-time vehicle data and the entered route, the system suggests charging stations when the estimated driving range is insufficient to reach the destination. This eliminates the need for drivers to plan routes based on charging station availability, making the EV9 a hassle-free choice.

EV Route Planner and battery conditioning work harmoniously to pre-heat the battery when approaching a high-speed charging point in cold conditions. This results in more time behind the wheel and less time spent on charging, providing an optimal driving and charging experience.

Enhanced EV-Specific Characteristics for a Safe and Stable Ride

The Kia EV9 features a low center of gravity and a long wheelbase, ensuring stability while driving, particularly by reducing roll on corners. To accommodate the additional weight and increased acceleration associated with EVs, the engineers have enhanced the front brake discs. Additionally, the regenerative braking system now incorporates a second-generation Integrated Electric Booster (IEB), which reduces weight and enhances energy efficiency.

With optimized chassis and tuned suspension, the EV9 guarantees excellent handling capabilities on snow and ice. Striking a balance between safe, smooth handling and an enjoyable driving experience, the EV9 delivers maximum passenger comfort in all driving conditions.

All-Wheel Drive for Superior Handling on Snow

Equipped with dedicated winter tires for testing in Sweden, the Kia EV9 delivers maximum stability on snow tracks. Customers have the choice of 19- or 20-inch lightweight aluminum wheels, while the GT line version offers 21-inch wheels.

Furthermore, the all-wheel-drive variant of the Kia EV9 features both front and rear electric motors. The rear-wheel-drive model utilizes a 150 kW electric motor, while the all-wheel-drive version boasts a total power output of 283 kW, effectively doubling the system power when AWD is activated.

Traction Control System with Dedicated Snow Mode

The Kia EV9’s Traction Control System (TCS) enhances performance in challenging terrain. Drivers can select from Mud, Sand, and Snow modes using the Terrain Mode Select