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Explore December Specials at Todds Select Used Cars

Unrivalled Quality with Added Assurance

Todds Select Used Cars

As the year comes to a close, Todds Kia is thrilled to unveil special December offerings at Todds Select Used Cars, elevating your car-buying experience. In addition to our commitment to quality, value, and exceptional service, we’re excited to announce an exclusive December special – a complimentary 15-month Auto Guard warranty now included with every Todds Select Used Car purchase. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary benefits awaiting you this festive season.

Uncompromising Quality

Your peace of mind takes center stage with Todds Select Used Cars. Our rigorous inspection process ensures each vehicle meets the highest quality standards. This December, our commitment to excellence is further underscored by the exclusive inclusion of a 15-month Auto Guard warranty with every purchase. Drive away with confidence, knowing your investment is safeguarded.


Wide Selection of Makes and Models

The December specials at Todds Select Used Cars extend across our diverse selection of makes and models. Whether you’re eyeing a practical family car, a sporty coupe, or an efficient city runabout, each comes with the added value of a 15-month Auto Guard warranty. Your dream car is not only within reach but now comes with extended peace of mind.


Value for Your Money

This December, Todds Select Used Cars continues to redefine value with our competitive pricing and the assurance of an extended 15-month Auto Guard warranty. Our experienced sales executives are ready to guide you to the perfect vehicle, offering not only exceptional value for your money but also an extended warranty for added protection.


Exceptional Customer Service

Our commitment to exceptional customer service remains unwavering, especially during this festive season. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team is dedicated to making your car-buying journey transparent, hassle-free, and enjoyable. From the moment you step into our dealership to the day you drive off in your Todds Select Used Car with an extended warranty, your satisfaction is our priority.


This December, Todds Select Used Cars at Todds Kia offers an unparalleled combination of quality, value, and an exclusive 15-month Auto Guard warranty. Our commitment to rigorous inspections, a diverse selection, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer care sets us apart. Discover the joy of owning a high-quality used car with extended warranty coverage, tailored to meet your needs and budget. Experience the difference with Todds Select Used Cars this festive season.